I am always looking for something a little different other than sandwiches for the kids. I don’t eat them very often. I eat salads or wraps the thought of sandwiches are boring and unappealing. Over the last year I have lost 25kgs and I am always thinking of healthy appealing ideas to nourish my kids. I got an idea during the week for something a little different.

So I thought Turkey meatballs with a pumpkin dip and some pita bread. Yummo

Turkey meatballs
500g turkey mince
 50g fetta
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
 1 tbl sp of chilli flakes (optional)

so easy just put it into a bowl and squish it together, Roll into little balls. Cook in a pan with a little olive oil, or coconut oil. You don’t need much if you have a good pan.

Pumpkin dip

1/4 of pumpkin (roasted
 1 red onion (roasted
2 cloves of garlic (roasted
2 teaspoons of cumin
 handful fresh coriander
 1/4 cup of Greek yoghurt ( I used low-fat , but seeing its for the little ones full fat is fine)

to make this I put the pumpkin (peeled) in the oven with the onion cut into quarters and the garlic peeled with a little olive oil sprinkled the cumin on top and roasted it until the pumpkin was soft. Take it out of the oven and let it cool. when cool blend it up into a puree. add the yoghurt and coriander finely chopped and mix through.


looks a little like a 70’s photo


The meatballs can be frozen and kept for a snack or something for a rush dinner for your toddler, cut up some fruit & cherry tomatoes and bam done. The girls do get a little more than whats in the container, I give them some fruit and a yoghurt or other things too. I hope you give this one a crack, but of course make sure they have a big ice block in that lunch box to keep it cool. I usually tell them to eat it first in the cooler part of the day.Big lunch is now first anyway.



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