Old Banana’s

The kids and I did a little cooking today, and I had some over ripe bananas. I thought I wouldn’t waste them so I made some Banana,choclate muffins. These weren’t very tasty. Although my friends toddler demolished them. So I threw those out and started again. This is so easy anyone could do it. Chocolate […]

Toddler dramas

My 19 month old is fussy with protein, shes doesn’t like the texture most of the time, on a rare occasion she will eat it. It is very frustrating. I am sure we are all in the same boat when it comes to food and your toddler. We find something they like and stick with […]

Busy week of cooking

This week is my middle girls 5th Birthday. She is a fabulous child, funny,silly,stubborn and very moody. All of these rolled into one make my Violet. We were just looking through baby photos and videos of 5 years ago, the memories are very happy and we are very fortunate. Tomorrow is her actual birthday and […]