Miss V’s Birthday “ta-do”

Saturday was pretty good considering the weather. I woke up saturday morning and saw our back area was a little flooded. So outside was a no go, which sucked. We needed that space. I sort of made it work.

photo 1

This was my plan,by the next day we had it totally different. This was pushed against the wall so we could have space to do games and have our magician. It was very cosy.

I had been planning this party since february,from the decorations to the food. Birthday parties can be very time-consuming to organise so planning little bits in advance is always a good idea. The food was a hit. I made some sausage rolls,mini quiches,chocolate brownies,fruit and have amazing friends who brought cup cakes,caramel slice and a cob loaf dip for the adults. If you have friends and family that are willing to help LET THEM!!! My brother and sister-in-law were in the kitchen getting things in and out of the oven it was a great help and it let me play with the kids a little.

So a good way to be organised food wise so you’re not buying it all in one big hit, is plan! If you plan what you are want to make you can get ingredients here and there in your weekly shopping. The week before the party I was cooking and freezing. Sausage rolls and mini quiches are easy and kids love them. They freeze great!

photo 2

This is was it was really like, all the kids crammed into one little area and loved every bit of it! Next week is my eldest girls birthday and I have a cool idea for kids who aren’t huge cake fans like my Isabelle.




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