I have noticed my 8-year-old is eating a monstrous amount of food for a little girl. Tonight I made corned beef and steamed veggies and she ate more than I did. Since she got home from school we have had an emotional break down, laughs, cuddles and what she did at school.

The roller coaster that is Issy tells me she’s having a growth spurt.

In the past week I have had to do a big shop then a top up one. She is sending us broke. Well not really but it is getting expensive. Being only the beginning of the week I had a look in my cupboard to see what I could do for snack type things for home and school. I had popcorn, flour, butter rolled oats and some other bits and pieces. Turned out I had to go back for fruit anyway. In the meantime I came up with this beauty.

Fruity oat slice

1 cup of s/r flour

1 cup of rolled oats

1/3 cup of brown sugar

1/3 cup of golden syrup

150 g melted unsalted butter

1/2 cup of apricot pieces

1/4 cup of sultanas

Pre heat oven to 180 (my go to heat)

put all the dry ingredients in one bowl. Melt the butter and golden syrup in a saucepan until butter is melted. Mix through. then put into a lined slice tray. pop into the oven for 15-20 mins or until golden.

once cooked let cool on the bench, then refrigerate. Once cold cut into slices.




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