Easy chicken nuggets

Nuggets always go down well with the little ones. These are so much better than the frozen variety and easy to do. You can make a double batch and freeze them for later for a quick easy dinner for everyone. Chicken nuggets 500g of chicken tenderloins 3 slices of wholemeal bread made into breadcrumbs 1/3 […]


I love scones, all types of scones.They aren’t that good for you on a count of all that yummy yummy butter. I also love my rice bran oil, it’s a great substitute for butter. and in this recipe you don’t even notice the difference. These are fabulous warm with a side of fruit for your toddler. Ham, cheese and […]

Banana Bread

My Girls have gone off bananas, well eating them anyway. Every week I always have ripe bananas not getting eaten, it’s annoying. Banana bread is a great snack and the toddler loves it for breakfast with a side of fruit. I wouldn’t recommended sending this particular one to school because most schools are nut free, […]

“sweet treat”

I love chocolate cake. One afternoon while the girls were doing their homework I whipped this little number up. Yes you might have guessed it the “sweet surprise” is sweet potato. I know this isn’t a new idea to put veggies into sweets, I found with the sweet potato it changed the texture into something […]