Vegetarian Chili

I love having Vegetarian meals. It’s cheap and a good way to promote healthy eating to those little hangers on. I think it’s important for them to know that the meal isn’t always about the meat. My Miss Violet would love to have just a plate full of meat and only meat, drives me up the wall.

Speaking of meat, This meal is a very meaty vegetable dish you will feel very satisfied after!

Vegetarian Chili

1 sweet potato

1 red capsicum

1 yellow capsicum

One red onion

Jar of salsa

Tablespoon oregano

Tablespoon of crushed garlic

Teaspoon of cumin

Tablespoon of coriander

Dash of wostishire sauce

Dash of Tabasco

Pinch of sugar

Tin of tomato (400g)

Tin of red kidney beans

Tin of chick peas

Peel and cut the sweet potato into bite sized cubes and roast until soft.

Roughly chop the red onion. Put into a heated/oiled fry pan with the cumin, oregano, corriander and garlic. Sweat until soft. Add the capsicum cut roughly the same size as the potato. Fry until soft.

Add the sweet potato, mix through.

Once mixed add the jar of salsa,tomato& tins of chick peas and red kidney bean and give a stir.

Last but not least add the wostishire,Tabasco & sugar.

Let it simmer for about 10mins on low.

Serve on a bed of brown rice and topped with some Sour cream or yoghurt. You could even make some cheesey quesadilla and use them for dipping. If I am out of rice I use baby spinach. I currently have left overs and I’ll be making tacos with the remaining mixture.

chili (19)


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