Carrot,Zucchini slice with lemon glaze

I always seem to run out of lunch box fillers for the girls they either eat them or Daddy does. Its always good to have something in the freezer or the fridge for those hungry afternoons. This isn’t full of sugar which is great and with the egg free, dairy free , nut free aspect means they are good for school lunches.

175g s/r flour

Pinch bi-carb

1 med carrot grated

1 sml zucchini grated

Teaspoon nutmeg

Teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 cup sultanas

Pinch salt

1/2 cup of honey

3/4 cup rice milk

1/4 rice bran oil

Zest 1/2 lemon

Per- heat oven 150

Put flour, bicarb salt, zest, cinnamon & nutmeg.  Melt the honey a little in the microwave. Add the milk, oil and honey to dry mix.

Make sure it’s all combined then add the sultanas, carrot and zucchini. Stir until all combined.

Put into a lined slice tray and cook for 45 mins.

Once completely cooled spread lemon glaze over the top and cut into slices.

to make the glaze just add some lemon juice to some icing sugar along with a little lemon zest.




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