Mexican Chicken boats

As you all know I am watching my waistline, all the time. Gets a little tiring but when you’ve lost close to 30kgs you tent to do so because it’s so darn hard to get off!!!

I love myself some Mexican food and so do the little tummies in this house. Taco shells aren’t that great for you but if you’re like me or just want to give your household something different.

Mexican Chicken

500g of chicken strips

teaspoon of cumin

teaspoon of paprika

Lrg handful of fresh chopped oregano

Lrg handful of chopped coriander

Tin of red kidney beans

one sml red onion cut chunky

 yellow capsicum cut chunky

Teaspoon of crushed garlic

one jar of salsa

first off sweat off the onion with the cumin and paprika with a little oil. once the onion is soft add the garlic and chicken. Brown the chicken then add the capsicum until soft. Once those ingredients are combined add the drained red kidney beans and fresh herbs. Once this is all done add the salsa and put aside.

Lettuce cups

One iceberg lettuce with the stem cut out.

Once you have removed the stem fill the lettuce up with water and put aside for 10- 15 mins. This a little trick I have learned. Doing this make the lettuce leaves easy to pull apart one layer at a time. once the layers have been pulled apart put it on a plate for later.

I add some avocado some chopped tomatoes and some cheese for the kids.


simply put all the ingredients inside the lettuce and wrap. Voilà! yum!


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