Birthday crackles

This week has been crazy in this house Miss Amelia turned two. I let go of her not being a baby anymore ( but she will always be my baby) It is bitter sweet really. On one hand she’s getting more independent and on the other hand I am going to miss my snuggly little baby.

My husband said last month we should just go to a park for a picnic. When you do this stuff you want it to be casual and easy going, we all know when it comes to kids its never that easy. I tried to make it easy for us when I say us I mean me…….. So I ordered some Woolworths platters made a few sweets a fruit platter and her beautiful cake. Which turned out great. She was so excited and started pulling lollies off it straight away. Its her birthday after all.

Chocolate crackles are great for a party but I hate copha, its gross I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so. So I pulled out the old rice bubbles and went to work.


Birthday crackles

3 cups of rice bubbles

2.5 tablespoons of Coconut oil

1/4 cup of Golden syrup

1/2 cup of chocolate drops


place rice bubbles &chocolate in a bowl. melt the oil and the syrup together in a saucepan. once melted and warm add to the bowl. Mix through. Put the mixture in patty cake tins,in a muffin tray and pop in the fridge until firm.

Like anything with butter or chocolate these don’t like heat. So its best to take them out of the fridge just before eating.



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