chocolate biscuits

The school holidays are happening as we speak. My mind and body are exhausted and haven’t had much Mojo.

I am so looking forward to not having to rush around for the next two weeks.

I love a good chocolate biscuit,who doesn’t?

Chocolate Biscuit dough

2.5 cups of plain flour

1 block of dark chocolate melted

I tablespoon of coconut butter

teaspoon of vanilla

1/4 cup of apple juice

pinch of baking powder

2 eggs

I one bowl place the flour & baking powder together. Add the melted chocolate and melted coconut butter to the flour and eggs. mix through while adding the vanilla and juice. Knead until a ball forms.

this is pretty easy and you can do what you like with them. I made jam drops.

depending on the thickness of the biscuit you could bake them in a oven for 15 mins on 150 degrees.


apple juice


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