Sugar Free Marshmallows

I love my lollies, I have always had a real sweet tooth but the sugar in them is out of control. So the other day I was thinking of easy things to make that can satisfy my craving. So I thought marshmallows. I love the Darrell lea ones you know the ones with the coconut on them?

Now these aren’t totally natural because the gelatine has preservative’s in it. I figure it’s only a small amount.

This particular recipe makes quite a lot so I made this batch and sent them over to the neighbours kids and kept half for us. so what I am saying you can just cut this in half to make a smaller amount.


4 tablespoons of Gelatine

3 cups of boiled water

1 cup of rice malt syrup or if you are diabetic 1/2 cup of natvia  ( natvia is quite pricey so rice malt is a good alternative if you are ok with glucose)

tablespoon of vanilla

and some natural colouring if that’s what you like.

I also made some lemon flavoured ones and with that I added a teaspoon of lemon zest

Boil the water and add one tablespoon at a time. Once dissolved add the vanilla ( or lemon zest) and syrup  (or natvia). Mix through and wait until mixture cools down a fair amount.

when mixture is cooled use your electric beaters and beat away. This needs to be beaten so much that the mixture becomes thick and glossy and a little like egg whites. If you think you have done enough you probably haven’t. If the mixture hasn’t been whipped enough it with split. if that happens just put it back into the bowl and start again.

place in a lined tray and refrigerate until set. while in the fridge roast the coconut until lightly browned.

When your marshmallow is set cut into squares and roll in the coconut.




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